Distorted Reality


Yard sales sound like they should be easy enough, right? Just put some prices to your stuff and set it out on the driveway. Hah! It was a lot of work. I think I’m five times more tired than after running a 5k. It was totally not worth the effort and I’m never doing one again. This time I mean it. But this isn’t the only distorted reality I want to address today.

MJ and I went to review her profiles last week. On the way to our appointment, MJ said she was fat. Now that is a distorted reality. She is so tall and skinny. We talked a bit about body image and I tried to get a sense of how she feels and what she understands. I asked if she gets that the way you look is not who you are. And I think this is a key distinction for all of us to make… that we are not defined by our physical bodies.

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Needles in a Haystack


To say that most people with Asperger’s have poor organizational skills might not be completely accurate. They just follow a different logic. Last week while helping MJ clear the floor in her bedroom, she freaked out because I moved a few things from the floor to the box of stuff she’d gathered together. To me, it followed logically that these miscellaneous items belonged in the same place. At least they were better off in a box than scattered on the floor. But to her, it was as if I were putting needles in a haystack.

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Go Mom, Go!


Today I have a PSA for moms. As caregivers, mom’s need to make sure we put on our oxygen masks first. For this reason, I ran a 5k last weekend. This might not seem like a big deal to some, but for me it was huge. It was my 3rd race and I didn’t start running until I reached my 50s. In the past few years, I struggled to maintain my weight and my sanity. I started to run because I needed to. Running might not appeal to you but I want to encourage you to figure out what you need to do to stay healthy. Believe me, I know it isn’t easy, but it is so necessary.

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