Encourage One Another

The past few weeks I’ve been helping MJ prepare her portfolio. We are also up to the point in the Pathways Program where we put together MJ’s visual resumé. The Employee Relationship Manager will use the resumé to present MJ to companies who are willing to give internship opportunities and to see if they have a need that matches MJ’s skill sets. Last Tuesday the Career Navigator met with us to review her ideas for putting it together. Like most resumés, we’re focusing on her strengths, experience, and skills. Though it’s been fun to see all of her work coming together, it hasn’t been an easy process. I’ve had to be careful not to offend her design sensibilities and I wasn’t always successful. It’s taken a lot of effort to build her up and instill confidence.

Both of my kids have been in particular need of encouragement. So, in the past couple of weeks I’ve tried to pay close attention to those times when I need to either hold my tongue, or say something that will build up their self-esteem. It’s required me to have a lot of patience while I actually sit and work with them. It’s also had me experimenting with the language I use and ways of communicating that might change their perspective.

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Changing Church

It has taken me a long time to write this post because I don’t want to offend anyone. I like to think of myself as a peacekeeper. So, I took my time with it and chose my words carefully. Also, as we got closer to Thanksgiving, I wanted to be sensitive to the timing of this message. Let me just say that this is written in the spirit of me trying to think things through. Let’s work this out together.

I had originally planned to write this post as a one-sided bashing of the church for its failure to include and minister to transgender people and the people that love them. But, a few weekends ago I went on a retreat with some of the most godly women I know. While there, God showed me a few things that softened my heart. I still feel “the church” needs to change but the church is made up of people. Some of those people, like the women I joined on the retreat, are individuals who radiate Jesus’ love so brightly. Some people are just like me, who love the Lord and are questioning things. If you wonder how you might better serve the LGBTQ community, this message is for you. If you have been rallying against “the church” this message is for you too.

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