New Year, New Chapter

We had a very quiet and peaceful Christmas and I am so happy we’ve said goodbye to 2015. It was a difficult year for the whole family. We ended the year with a flurry of activity as we wrapped up MJ’s resume and portfolio and prepared for the holidays. So, I’ve been letting MJ take a breather while I focus on some other things. Here’s a quick recap and some thoughts for the year ahead.

MJ started the year still struggling to get through college classes. We fought constant battles to stay on top of the work so she could pass. After 4 years of community college, we were doubtful that MJ would ever be able to get a degree and she was unsure of what direction to take. We felt like there were very few alternatives to school and not many opportunities available. I was still having a rough time comprehending her gender issues and was distressed by the nocturnal schedule she was keeping. She also had some online relationships that proved to be toxic and often times debilitating.

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