Spring Break and MJ’s Blossoming Career

magnolia gardens

Sorry it’s been a while. My work has kept me incredibly busy and I was knocked down hard with the flu the week before spring break. Before spending Easter in NJ, we packed ourselves up and took a long drive south. Given the talk of the bathroom bill issue in North Carolina, MJ was nervous about going to that part of the country. But we were in a more urban area of South Carolina and all was fine. I don’t think any of us felt uncomfortable at any time.

We had all been working so hard that I felt we needed to take a mental break and just enjoy each other as a family. So, we toured the city of Charleston and underwent a culinary adventure. No shortage of great eating there! One day was spent leisurely strolling through Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. I underestimated how intensely therapeutic this day would become. We completely slowed down, focused our attention on the beauty before us and literally took the time to stop and enjoy the glory of God’s creation. MJ treated it as a photo expedition and took thousands of shots, some that are so artful, they look like paintings.

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